3D Measurement


For high resolution optical 3D measurement


NS-3500 is a high-speed confocal laser scanning microscope (CLSM) for precise and reliable 3-dimensional (3D) measurement. A real time confocal microscopic image is achieved by fast optical scanning modules and signal processing algorithms. It is a promising solution to measure and inspect the microscopic 3D structures such as semiconductor wafers, FPD products, MEMS devices, glass substrates, and material surfaces.

Features & Benefits
  • - High resolution nondestructive optical 3D measurement
  • - Real time confocal imaging
  • - Various optical zoom
  • - Simultaneous bright field and confocal imaging
  • - Automatic gain search with fine auto focus
  • - Inclination compensation
  • - Easy analysis mode
  • - Precise and reliable high-speed height measurement
  • - Inspection of features through semi-transparent substrate
  • - No sample preparation
  • - Image stitching for wide range inspection

Operation software NSWorks

Analysis software NSViewer

Roughness measurement for selected ROI (region of interest)

Image stitching

For wide range inspection, the consecutive measurement and image tiling of pre-defined area is available with the motorized XY stage and NSMosaic, the image stitching software of NS-3500. The stitched image can be analyzed as one single measurement result.


NS-3500 is a promising solution for the measurement of height, width, angle, area, and volume of micro and submicro structures such as

  • - Semiconductor : IC pattern, bump height, wire loop height, defect inspection, CMP process
  • - FPD product : Touch panel screen inspection, ITO pattern, LCD column spacer height
  • - MEMS device : 3D profile of structure, surface roughness, MEMS pattern
  • - Glass surfaces : Thin film solar cell, solar cell texture, laser pattern
  • - Material researches : Tooling surface inspection, roughness, crack analysis