Confocal fluorescence laser scanning microscope

  • High quality imaging by confocal microscopy /
    Compatible to standard microscope body
  • Easy and intuitive user interface / Excellent performance to price ratio
  • Customizable configuration for special experiments / Compact size

Confocal microscope - 3D measurement

  • High resolution nondestructive optical 3D measurement
  • Surface roughness measurement / Real time confocal imaging / Various optical zoom
  • Powerful analysis algorithm / Easy and intuitive software

Digital fluorescence microscope

  • Fully automated inverted fluorescence microscope /
    5 color fluorescence imaging
  • Bright field imaging / Automated X, Y, Z stage /
    Automated filter wheel changer
  • Slide glass, well plate, Petri dish compatible
NS200 series

Single laser micro Raman spectroscopy

  • Personal benchtop Raman spectrometer / Built-in optical microscope
  • Convenient dark room chamber /
    Analysis of detected signal with library database
  • Library management software / Raman mapping by stage scanning
The 27th Korean Conf…

Confocal Thermal Laser Microscope : CTRM700 will be exhibited at KCS 2020, held at the Gangwondo High-1 from Feb 12 to 14, 2020.

The 49th KSCB winter…

Nanoscope Systems will take part in The 49th KSCB winter conference. Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope : K1-Fluo is displayed and demonstrated on Jan 30 ~ 31, 2020 at The K-Hotel in Gyeong-ju.

2019 KSM Annual Fall…

Confocal Laser Scnning Microscope : "NS-3600" K1-Fluo" and Raman Spectrocopy : NS-Raman will be exhibited at 2019 KSM Annual Fall Conference, held at the The-K Gyungju Hotel i from Nov 14 to 15, 2019.